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Showing Up is 99% of Life

“Showing up is 99% of life.” My father is a font of wise old adages, but that one is my favorite.

This saying has motivated me for years, and I believe it to be so true across all aspects of life. The importance of our physical presence is underestimated these days, when technology has made it easier than ever to have meetings in your pajamas, and emojis replace the crinkle of a smile. We text friends to catch up instead of meeting for coffee, and take conference calls while sitting in traffic. Technology has even affected the way we take care of ourselves. We look to Google and WebMD to answer our health questions, putting off a visit to the doctor as long as possible.

It has become so easy to not Show Up.

Tick on finger

Back to School Safety: Ticks

Hello and Happy Late Summer everyone! I have recently joined the New Harmony Wellness team as a written word contributor; I will be writing press releases, blogging, and posting social media content. I am very excited about my role here, and helping spread the word about all the healing and good living that the New

Creating a Gift Economy on Boston’s North Shore

New Harmony Center for Health & Wellness is hosting the Buy Nothing Project founders Liesl Clark and Pete Athans – 2 pm, Sunday, February 16 – to talk about the Sharing Economy. This movement is transforming the way we live by allowing people to connect and share their homes, cars, space, and time, aided by

Self-Care: Moxibustion!

A couple weeks ago, New Harmony hosted a free Medicine Cabinet Makeover class.  There was plenty to gab, discuss and ponder, as we stood on the brink of cold and flu season.  Now that the season is upon us, let’s consider another home remedy gifted by the ancient Chinese tradition – moxibustion. The term “moxibustion”

Nutritional Therapy for Conditions of Hyper-Acidity

Nutritional Therapy for Conditions of Hyper-Acidity Traditional Medicine typically classifies heartburn and acid reflux as patterns of Stomach Heat with Rebellious Stomach Qi.  This ancient terminology conjures a helpful image of the internal condition.  One could imagine a bonfire originating in the stomach with its rising flames penetrating the regions above. Pharmaceutical acid-blockers and neutralizers

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Med Cabinet Makeover

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Kitchen Therapy

Kitchen Therapy & Nutrition
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