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Principles at Harmony House

Harmony House is located in Beverly, MA, a small seaside city also known as “The Garden City,” a tribute to it’s many parks and open spaces. We are within walking distance to public transportation into Boston and near other urban amenities, such as schools, shopping, restaurants, places of worship and many cultural attractions. At New Harmony House we are devoted to tending “The Garden Within.” Our intention is to beautify our relationship with ourselves, in our families and in our communities. The New Harmony Wellness Center is on the first floor, a second floor apartment and we have a variety of practitioner spaces available.

We are change agents who have seen humanity’s need to go from “Me” thinking (what do I get out of a situation/crisis) to “We” thinking (how do we all benefit in this situation/crisis).  We wish to contribute to a model for beautifying the world in this way. These are our guiding principles:
  • We are aligned in creating an environment promoting physical and emotional health for all who enter, and foster positive and emotionally supportive relationships beneficial for children and adults.
  • We seek to act with fairness and integrity, building trust and allowing for personal growth.
  • We are dedicated to the common good, and strive to make all decisions that affect the group using the building in equitable ways.  We are committed to resolving conflicts, problems and issues through honest, direct and respectful communication.
  • We work towards sustainable practices becoming the norm in the communities we live in and are committed to conserving our natural resources through energy conservation, recycling, sharing materials, and environmentally sound construction. We used sustainable, non-toxic building materials and methods in renewing our historic 1842 building.
  • We value diversity and welcome people from all classes, races, cultures, sexual orientations, and traditional and non-traditional families.
  • We aim to be part of the larger Beverly and North Shore communities by participating in neighborhood events, local governmental and social issues.

Those interested in renting practitioner space in the house are invited to email Bryn Clark at

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