At New Harmony Center for Health & Wellness, we specialize in creating customized care plans for each patient.  Before treatment, we start with an initial evaluation to learn the details of your health care goals, and conduct a health history and physical diagnosis.  Based on the patient’s need, we then prescribe an optimal combination of treatments to facilitate healing toward full thriving health.

Below are listed our standard fees for care with Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, BioPhoton Therapy, Core Health and Bodywork; including Shiatsu, Thai Massage, etc.  In creating a personal care plan, we can bundle treatments to lower the cost of individual sessions.

Paying Health Forward
New Harmony Center for Health & Wellness has a “pay it forward” method of providing low cost health care for patients in need.  Patients paying full fare for our services contribute to our ability to provide low cost treatment plans for all those who sincerely wish to heal and live a thriving life, regardless of financial means.

The Gift of Health
We offer complementary,  20 minute health consultations to speak with a practitioner and learn about our services.  Call us for a gift card for yourself or share with us someone you know who could benefit.

New Patient Acupuncture and Holistic Care Plan
New patients begin care through a series of five, 90-minute appointments:

1st visit: Initial Evaluation, $175-$125.  In order to formulate an appropriate plan for care we need to learn your health care goals, gather pertinent health history (you may be asked to provide copies of medical tests) and conduct an examination.  Our goal is to assess progress as part of visit 5.  This visit may or many not include a treatment, depending on the needs of the diagnostic process.

2nd visit: $125.  Will include an examination, if that was not completed in the initial visit, and first Acupuncture treatment.

3rd & 4th visits: Evaluation, Acupuncture treatment, & Education, $125

5th visit: Acupuncture treatment, assessment of progress & recommendations for further care, $125

Patients may choose to bundle visits 2-5 together to receive a 10% discount.  Herbal supplements are charged separately.

Established Acupuncture Patient
Established patient acupuncture treatment payment options (60 minute visits):

1 visit: $100 due at time of visit

5 visit package: $475 due at first visit (5% discount)

10 visit package: $900 due at first visit (10% discount)

20 visit package: $1700 due at first visit (15% discount)

“Chair Care” Community Acupuncture
Reduced fee acupuncture services are available at New Harmony Center, which can be made part of treatment plans.  Subsidized treatment plans can be created for those who need.

BioPhoton Therapy
The number of sessions will vary based upon the age of the patient, the duration & severity of health challenge, and the willingness to accept change.

Initial BioPhoton Therapy Evaluation and Treatment: $175

For established patients, BioPhoton treatment: $120.  Sessions are scheduled in a roughly 90 minute schedule.

Patients may choose to bundle sessions at a discounted rate:

4 sessions at a 5% discount
8 sessions at a 10% discount
12 sessions at  a 15% discount

Children under 12 are scheduled by the hour at $100.


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