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“Showing up is 99% of life.” My father is a font of wise old adages, but that one is my favorite.

This saying has motivated me for years, and I believe it to be so true across all aspects of life. The importance of our physical presence is underestimated these days, when technology has made it easier than ever to have meetings in your pajamas, and emojis replace the crinkle of a smile. We text friends to catch up instead of meeting for coffee, and take conference calls while sitting in traffic. Technology has even affected the way we take care of ourselves. We look to Google and WebMD to answer our health questions, putting off a visit to the doctor as long as possible.

It has become so easy to not Show Up.

Technology should not shoulder this burden alone, however. There are many reasons we stop showing up when it comes to taking care of ourselves. Life gets in the way, there are deadlines, dinner to make and soccer practice and homework and that dog isn’t gonna walk itself! And then there are the bills to pay… Finding the time and money to take the best care of ourselves, so we in turn can take the best care of our families, is a common problem.

Often the hardest part of health is making those first few steps. I don’t mean the steps into the Center, I mean even before that. Before packing the yoga bag and planning the healthy grocery list. The hardest part is often making the decision to show up. Once this decision is made, the pieces start to fall into place, and the New Harmony Center can help you complete this puzzle.

All too often, we don’t make that first step, and not for lack of motivation, but for the lack of funds. We want you to know that financial issues do not have to stand in the way of anyone’s treatment.

Patients paying full price for treatment help subsidize the low cost options we offer. This paying health forward model is built into the fee structure as a way to ensure everyone in our community can reach their highest potential level of health.

Acupuncture and the other therapies available at NHWC are not currently covered by traditional health care plans, but comprehensive treatment is available to everyone who walks through our door.

We are able to treat everyone in a few ways. We offer what we call “Chair Care,” which allows us to treat as many as 4-6 patients in a group setting.

For many of us, the first hurdle is walking through the door for the first time. Patients come to us for a variety of reasons, and often are in a time of uncertainty. New people, new surroundings, new concepts – new everything! – can be overwhelming, We get this. Not knowing how you might afford treatment is one thing we can take all the uncertainty out of.

Please, show up. We are here for you.

~ Becky Tanger

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